Latin and Ballroom Dancing at Bottisham Village College

The Let's Dance Music

We have a huge range of dance music and try to match the music to the theme of the dance, for example at a Valentine’s Ball.

Our music has been very carefully chosen to be both varied and great to dance to. If you have any particular favourites or suggestions, please let us know!

We plan to mix recorded music with live music for some evenings – watch the website for more details.

Dance music image

Looking for More Music?

There is a lot of dance music available on the internet. You could subscribe to the Best Ballroom Music channel.

Below are a couple of examples from Soundcloud and YouTube.

If you are using your phone, click “Listen in browser”, unless you have downloaded the SoundCloud app.

The YouTube video has been set to play for 30 seconds, but the links are given below, if you want to see/hear what else is available.

12 assorted tunes for dances at